Daily Forecasts

INDEX Foresight™ is offering forecast of world’s biggest financial indices applying a new generation analytical modelling based on principles of Pattern Cognition, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Evolutionary Self-learning processes. There is no human intervention in the INDEX Foresight™ modeling processes what so ever.

Modern financial markets cannot be reasonably described by applying conventional linear modelling. Movements of the financial markets are following complex, nonlinear patterns which are depending not only on fundamental financial results, technical trends or investors’ behavioural patterns but on steadily evolving multidimensional correlations and variety of factors.

Human brain power armed with conventional hard/software and analytical computing is not enough to understand, identify, qualify, analyse and track over time development of these multidimensional dependencies and complex evolutionary processes. Here is where our new generation analytical processes steps into the frontline of modern financial analysis.

INDEX Foresight™ is steadily increasing the range of its products. Currently end-of-day forecast of major financial indices is offered to our customers. Intra-day forecast are in process of preparation and will go on-air soon.

The end-of-day forecast is intended for mid to long-term oriented investors. Modelling runs every day before opening of the corresponding market and if there is a signal it is issued approximately 30 minutes before opening bell. All signals are immediately available online on our web site and e-mails are distributed with the basic signal information. Issued signals are:

Open Long  -  Hold Long  -  Close Long 
Open Short  -  Hold Short  -  Close Short

Whom is it intended for

Our services are used by private and institutional investors interested in alternative ways of financial forecast and analysis. Institutional investors searching for alternative investment strategies to offer to their customers are representing a significant part of our user community.

Followers of traditional fundamental and/or technical analysis will find an interesting alternative which sometimes will deliver forecast completely contradictory to what their respective analysis methods would forecast. And this is good so, because this is what makes us being unique. Our forecast performance speaks for itself and doesn’t need any advertisement.