On Demand Modeling

In addition to forecasting of major financial indices INDEX Foresight™ also offers an on-demand-modelling service. Customers interested in analysis of indices, which are currently not offered by INDEX Foresight™ as part of its standard product portfolio, as well as analysis of currencies, commodities or individual shares, can order this in form of an on-demand-modelling service. This service can be delivered as one-time modelling or as regular analysis and modelling service.

If you are already using a model to support your decision-making and investment processes, INDEX Foresight™ can offer you optimization and calibration of your existing models. This service is also part of our on-demand-modelling services and can be performed on regular bases with the frequency defined by you. The target is to increase the accuracy and stability of your models and maintain them at the highest possible level over time. Using the most innovative analysis techniques we perform a constant model improvement and stabilization applying such techniques as Evolutionary Self-learning, Pattern Cognition, principles of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning combining them in an unique in its nature optimization process.

Treating customer model data as well as any other sensitive information in a strictly confidential way is of utmost importance for INDEX Foresight™ and has highest priority in a customer relationship. If you are interested in this service plese get in touch with us using our standard contact forms to discuss your specific needs and expectations.