Privacy Policy

Policy on Data Protection

The protection of your personal data is of utmost concern to INDEX Foresight. INDEX Foresight refers to the services provided subject to this Policy and agreement relationship with INDEX Foresight. Regarding data protection INDEX Foresight would like to inform you about how INDEX Foresight treats your Personal Data. The Policy on Data Protection supplements Terms and Conditions for using INDEX Foresight web site and services.

I. INDEX Foresight principles for handling  Personal Data

Your privacy is INDEX Foresight’s top concern. INDEX Foresight works hard to earn and keep your trust and strictly adheres to the three basic principles in the protection of your Personal Data:

1.1. INDEX Foresight shall collect, process and use your Personal Data in accordance with the laws and statutes on data protection of the European Union.

1.2. INDEX Foresight shall use your Personal Data solely to provide you with and inform you about INDEX Foresight services

1.3. INDEX Foresight will never pass your Personal Data on to any third party, neither for advertising, nor for marketing for any other purposes.

II. Definition of used terms

2.1. "INDEX Foresight Customer" or Customer shall mean private person under Premium Account or a corporate entity and it`s designated Users under Corporate Account using the INDEX Foresight services after registration.

2.2. "INDEX Foresight Users” or Users shall mean all private persons registered on INDEX Foresight web site including private persons under Premium Account and designated Users under Corporate Account.

2.3. “INDEX Foresight services" or services shall mean all registration based and on demand services offered by INDEX Foresight on INDEX Foresight web site.

2.4. INDEX Foresight web site” or web site shall mean the web site on which INDEX Foresight provides INDEX Foresight services.

2.5. Personal Data” shall mean all data and/or information about a person and/or a company made available to INDEX Foresight.

2.6. “Registration Data shall mean the Personal Data you are obliged to make available to INDEX Foresight in the registration process for INDEX Foresight services (mandatory fields).

2.7. “Login Data” shall mean all data and/or information needed for accessing INDEX Foresight web site (User name and Password).

2.8. „Corporate Account Administrator” shall mean a person administrating corporate account Users on behalf of a corporate Customer.

2.9. “Profile” shall mean the area on INDEX Foresight web site where Personal Data is stored and displayed with Customer`s consent and in accordance to his/her/it`s specifications.

III. Registration Data

In order for INDEX Foresight services to function, INDEX Foresight needs to collect and process certain elements of your Personal Data in the registration process.  This consists of the following data:

  1. User Name
  2. Password

INDEX Foresight shall never disclose or pass on Customer`s Password and/or User Name to any third party. The Customer will need also to fill out the following Personal Data in the registration process (mandatory fields):

  1. Email account
  2. Telephone number
  3. First name, surname, form of address
  4. Company name
  5. Country, city and postal code
  6. Etc. (Attention ALL mandatory fields have to be listed here)

Customer`s Registration Data is preset to be invisible to others and not traceable by search engines on the internet.

IV. Accessing and Changing Personal Data

Customer is obliged to keep his/her/it`s actual Personal Data up to date. Customer can review the Personal Data provided to INDEX Foresight at any time by logging in to his/her/it`s account on INDEX Foresight web site and make any desired changes in Profile. Customer acknowledges that even after his/her/it`s request for a change is processed, INDEX Foresight may, for a time, retain residual information in its backup and/or archival copies of it`s database.

V. Security

Personal Data you provide will be secured with industry standards and technology. In order to secure your Personal Data, access to INDEX Foresight web site is password-protected. To protect any data you store on our servers INDEX Foresight also regularly audit its system for possible vulnerabilities and attacks.

 It is your responsibility to protect the security of your Login Data.

VI. Status emails

INDEX Foresight regularly sends out status emails to all INDEX Foresight users. In these emails INDEX Foresight may inform you, among other things, about new services on INDEX Foresight web site.

VII. Cookies

After you have logged in to the INDEX Foresight services with your user name and password, INDEX Foresight uses cookies in order to identify you during your session. A cookie will be stored on your computer. Upon the termination of your session the cookie will be automatically deleted. You can save this cookie on your computer to enable automatic login for subsequent sessions by activating the function: "Login automatically on this computer". The cookie will then store part of your login data in encrypted form. If you select automatic login, please be aware that this will then only be possible on the same computer on which the cookie was first saved, i.e. an automatic login on two (2) different computers is not possible.

VIII. Log Files

Each time you access the INDEX Foresight web site, INDEX Foresight will save the following data in a log file:

  1. Your IP address- by which your computer can be clearly identified,
  2. “Remote host computer”- the name and IP address of the computer requesting the respective page from the INDEX Foresight web site,
  3. “Referrer”- the time, status, as well as the internet website from which you have reached the requested page of the INDEX Foresight web site,
  4. “User agent”- the product and release information from your Internet browser.

This log file will be stored by INDEX Foresight in the standardized "combined" log file format for the Apache web server. INDEX Foresight uses the data from this log file in anonymous form without reference to your person for statistical purposes.

In doing so, INDEX Foresight may analyze on which days and at which time the INDEX Foresight services are particularly frequented. By using the log file, INDEX Foresight can identify defects on the INDEX Foresight web site, such as program defects, and thus continually improve the quality of the INDEX Foresight web site.

INDEX Foresight reserves the right to review the log files from the last known IP address of an INDEX Foresight User where INDEX Foresight has reasonable cause to believe that the User is using INDEX Foresight services in breach of contractual agreement. In doing this, INDEX Foresight is protecting the safety of INDEX Foresight Users’ data, as well as INDEX Foresight web site and the INDEX Foresight services.

IX. Changes to the Policy on Data Protection

INDEX Foresight reserves the right to amend the Policy on Data Protection, in the event that this becomes necessary due to gaps in the Policy on Data Protection identified after its release, or in the event that it becomes necessary with respect to additional or amended services provided by INDEX Foresight. INDEX Foresight will display a notice on the INDEX Foresight web site or will notify you of any amendments to the Policy on Data Protection by email to the email you provided to INDEX Foresight during registration and available in Profile.

X. Final

The use of INDEX Foresight Services is reserved to persons who have reached the legal age of 18. The Policy on Data Protection is accessible from the INDEX Foresight web site under Privacy Policy.